About Me, and Some Kind Words

Meagan Angus, Witch. Photo by Allyce Andrew http://www.allyceandreww.com/

Meagan Angus – Multi-Dimensional Witch

I am a Sagittarius, which means I have one foot in the world of humanity and one foot in the world of the Other. Currently, I teach classes and give lectures on Tarot and the Witch’s practice of The Wheel of the Year.

I also play the violin and sing for the neoclassical Pagan trio Thunder Grey Pilgrim and my solo project Brilligh, write for Seattle Weekly, create visual art in a variety of mediums, and give astrological and tarot consultations.

I just finished my first book, Ritual 101: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Ritual and Ceremony.

I am currently working on some magickal projects with the illustrator Ryan Jack Allred, including a Tarot deck…

Tarot – Working With Archetypes for Personal Evolution

Falling somewhere between Pagan, Jungian, and Hermetic tradition, I see the Tarot as a sample of the infinite archetypes making up the human psyche and an Initiatory experience for the Soul.

When I work with you as a client, I strive to provide you with practical advice for the here and now as well as insight on patterns and cycles in your life through a synthesis of Intuition, common sense, archetypal symbolism, astrology and almost 30 years of experience with the Tarot.

When we work together as teacher and student, I aim to help you travel through the vast lineage of myths and symbols contained in the Tarot and learn how to interpret its arcane imagery. I’ll help you learn how to create your own vocabulary for your deck, based in a combination of traditional and personal symbolism, ultimately gearing you for competent readings for yourself and your community.

Tarot reading prices are:
$60 = 1/2 hour
$110 = 1 hour
$150 = 1 hour + your current significant astrological transits

I will be offering Tarot classes live and on the web as well as one-on-one Tarot coaching soon. Please send me an email if this is something that interests you.

The Wheel of the Year

Working the Wheel is a sacred practice for many Wiccans, Witches and other Pagans around the globe. This tradition witnesses the Witch’s Year as seen in the battle of the Holly King and the Oak King, as well as the cycles of the Three-Fold Goddess, but it is possibly an echo of a far older collection of spiritual practices based on the observance of natural rhythms that are reflected in stellar, planetary, solar, and lunar movements. For more information on this incredible body of information, go here.

Astrology – Seeing Yourself Within The Bigger Picture

A useful astrology session can be akin to climbing up a great ladder and looking down at your life from afar. It allows you the opportunity to see the larger contexts your lifetime is taking place in. Then you can come back down and find those traces in the cycles in your life, and learn to utilize them to maximum effect.

I currently offer natal chart interpretations for $225, or natal charts through the lens of Tarot for $350. Please email me if you are interested.

The Silver Thread

HedgeWitch, 21st Century Magician, Reality Doula are all titles I’ve used for myself. There are others. My magic, like my life, is fluid but follows a current through The Universe. I want to honor the efforts of the beings who came before me, who built what I now know as reality. And in turn, I want to be good, weird, strong shoulders for future generations to stand on. It doesn’t matter what I do, really, as long as I’m doing that. So whether it’s teaching Witchcraft, reading someone’s natal chart or Tarot spread, playing music, making art, or documenting it all, my hope is that I’ve somehow contributed to the benefit of a better now, as well as a better tomorrow.

Response from the Community

Laurel D.

I want to thank you again, Meagan, for the gift of these classes. I leave feeling so inspired after every one of them. I also want to thanks Cheyanne for telling me about them. You both are such an inspiration and a source of strength for me. You’re like the flame to my candle.

Current Benefactors

Becky and Steven West          Kook Teflon & Aaron Campbell
Amanda Moreno                Robert Curtis, MA LHMC
Rena Bussinger                      Amy Hixon
Bill Abelson Dr. Casey Ellison
Eva Piccininni

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