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The Strength an Sun Tarot cards on a rich red and gold background surrounded by peacock feathers, lapis, amber, and grain

Working With Tarot

I have been exploring Tarot for 30 years.

I received my first deck, The Witch’s Tarot by Fergus Hall, when I was 15, from a Sister Witch. A surreal and obscure deck, I was puzzled by the images. A year later, another friend gave me my 1st copy of the Rider-Waite deck. I began doing what is now known as intuitive readings, going off what I pulled up from my gut, and from my life experiences, and what I felt when I looked at the symbols on the cards. I worked with Tarot of the Cat People, and The Morgan-Greer deck, finding comfort in the familiarity of their psychedelic, art nouveau design. My intuition was strong, and often pulled out a correct answer when I had no idea what the card meant. After a couple of years of this work, I wanted to know more. I began to read anything I could find, which was, in Las Vegas, NV in the 1980s, not a lot. But it was enough to show me I was missing out on layers and layers of meaning, hidden in the artwork. There was far more information to be pulled from the cards than simply what I could infer from my short years on Earth.

In my 20’s I found authors like Gail Fairfield and Catriona Kirkpatrick and pushed into working with groundbreaking decks of the 1990s like The Motherpeace Tarot, The Voyager Deck, and The Haindl Tarot, expanding my understanding of what the cards could potentially reveal. I began to learn about the universal language of magical symbolism, and how Tarot connected to other esoteric systems like Kabbalah, Alchemy, and Astrology. I read for anyone who would sit still long enough for me to pull a card, constantly testing theories and mystical hypotheses. Over time, with practice and the accretion of knowledge from all these different systems settling into me, the pathways began to lay themselves out, and I began to move through the Tarot, not simply reading the cards from the outside, but understanding them from within.

All of this eventually lead me to discovering the ties Tarot held with Jungian Archetypal psychology. For the next 10 years, I immersed myself in works by Irene Gad, Mary Greer, Sallie Nichols (and of Jung and his ilk) and other folks who were fearlessly exploring the psychological ramifications of working consciously with archetypal entities, both inner and outer. The idea that you could interact with these entities on a conscious level, or even step inside them, and speak and act out from with in the archetype fell right in line with the magickal ritualism work I was doing in my Pagan spiritual pro-actice. I felt like my many world were coalescing together. I began to see Tarot symbolism in everything, that language of symbols blurring with all the other magickal vocabularies I spoke.

I believe the Tarot to be an incredibly powerful tool for self-exploration, invention, and discovery.

One of the most powerful elements of working with Tarot is the elasticity of the deck. The cards can be used in a million ways, and for a million purposes. Invoke Goddesses and Gods, brainstorm solutions to problems, explore your intuitive powers, write poetry, open a dialogue with your ancestors, have a conversation with your unconscious, tap into Kundalini energy. This is just a short list of the type of exploratory and healing work Tarot can support and assist. Through simple methods like “card-a-day” pulls, even folks who are just beginning to explore Tarot can have a guided conversation with the Universe on the whos, whats, wheres, whens and most importantly, whys of life.

Further, I feel consistent work with Tarot can help create a mythical interpretation of your personal narrative. What does that mean? It means giving yourself permission to look at your life through the same lens normally reserved for characters like heroes, deities, and cultural icons. By considering ourselves on par with the “great ones,” we can unfold a sense of our own power–and responsibility–to be co-creators of reality, removing fear and confusion, and restoring agency.

There is an even farther goal, beyond that of self-discovery, that I believe Tarot can guide us towards. It is a hard to reach place, available to anyone who is willing to do The Work. A Latin phrase from Alchemy, “Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem,” is our only guidepost. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. It means, loosely, “Visit the interior of the earth and rectifying (purifying) you will find the hidden stone.” Vitriol is the name for sulfuric acid, a caustic substance that could melt any metal, except gold. I believe Tarot can lead into and through tough experiences, and can help us develop an empowered vocabulary to describe those experiences, that can potentially help us discover our personal gold, the reason we are alive, the Message we carry, the Thing we’re here to do.

Tarot is Life. It is something infinite, and you get to experience and determine a part of it, if only for a brief time. There is no perfection. It is the story of you.

What story would you like to tell?

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I never know what’s going to come through for folks. Sometimes we start out talking about a co-worker and end up discussing a childhood trauma. Sometimes we begin with the meaning of life and wind up going over a daily routine, finding sense in the little patterns of mundane life. I bring my lived experience, my natural intuitive abilities, and my life-long self-guided study of the occult and spirituality to bear on every reading I offer. I cannot guarantee you will get the answers you want–in fact, if I am being perfectly honest, it’s pretty rare that I tell people what they want to hear-but I sincerely believe you will get the information you needed to hear in every reading.

In raw details, my readings are expansive, philosophical, and exploratory. They can be abstract, with meanings revealing themselves over the days or weeks after the reading. While there are occasions that I can pull a date or time or first name out of a reading, I cannot guarantee that type of detailed information will always come up. At this time, I cannot address medical issues in readings.

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