Wheel of the Year Series

Started in 2015, The Wheel of the Year is an ongoing lecture series focused on the Wiccan Sabbats. The 8 Sabbats observed by Witches are part of a global tradition of seasonal celebrations marked by Solar, Lunar and Stellar movements, as well as geo-local events here on Earth, shared by ancient and modern cultures around the world. Through participation in marking these moments we bring ourselves closer to the rhythms of nature that affect all people across the planet, we mark our place in our own process of life, and we see a common thread among the humans that follow these vast spiritual and bio-rhythmic traditions.
There is no beginning and no end to The Wheel, it spins eternally. Students should feel free to jump in any time.

In these lively two-hour lectures, I will look at the modern and ancient Pagan traditions of observance for the Sabbat. I will also talk about other global traditions celebrated at this time of year, as well as astronomy, astrology and geological, migratory and meteorological events. You’ll be provided with a 12+ page book that comprises the high points of the Sabbat including a six-week calendar, recommended Tarot for meditation, a bibliography, and more.
Each lecture will cover:

A look at the history of the holiday from a modern Pagan/Witch/Magickian standpoint.
Comparison of concurrent holidays in other religions and traditions, with a heavy emphasis on myths, deities, archetypal themes, and symbolism.
The significant astrology of the season, especially lunar.
Astronomical and Geological events concurrent with the season.
Ways to bring all this information into your personal spiritual practice, including:
Common forms of observance and traditional methods
Suggestions for creating an altar
Meditations for ritual use
Herbs, crystals, tarot, colors and other correlations.
I’ll have an altar set up if you would like to bring things to charge (and take home with you).

The 2018 classes are held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the beautiful Mortlake & Co. esoteric bookstore and art gallery, in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. Enjoy extremely easy access to public transportation and free parking.

Upcoming Classes

December 13, 2018 – 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. – Yule/Winter Solstice

Yule Icon

Discover the origins of this Solar festival celebrating the Death and Return of The Sun! Learn how to connect to the Archetypes and Spirits of Winter and make the most of our collective hibernation.

January 2019 – Imbolc/Candlemas

Imbolc Icon

Explore the deep Winter hope of this light & fire timekeeping and purification ceremony, and learn how to make the most of your Winter hibernation, clearing the way for the growth of Spring!

March 2019- Ostara/Spring Equinox

Ostara Icon

Uncover the deep history behind this grand resurrection festival honoring the returning life of Mother Earth and the Sun, and learn how to best harness this energy for the coming year.

April 2019 – Beltane / May Day


The 2018 Series of the Wheel of the Year continues with Beltane, also known as May Day or Walpurgisnacht in some traditions. This Cross-Quarter Day is a popular Fire Festival ushering in the deep heart of Spring, and for some places, Summer. Falling on April 30th/May 1st each year, the date of Beltane marks the halfway point of the Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere. Lusty, mischievous, and playful, the spirit of Beltane is light-hearted but serious about fun. Marked by massive bonfires, maypoles and “greenwood marriages” that only lasted a year and a day (or one long lovely night), Beltane is a holiday focused on celebrating the fecundity and power in the exchange of energy and passion between humans.

June 2019 – Litha/Summer Solstice

Litha Icon

Immerse yourself in the ancient global rituals of this Solar festival acknowledging the high point of the Sun’s Arc across the sky and discover how you can evoke this power in your own life and world.

July, 2019 – Lammas/Lughnasadh

Lammas Icon

Lammas, which means loaf, comes to us at the highest, hottest part of the year. It marks the beginning of the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere. Discover the origins of this ancient Cross-Quarter Day fire sabbat celebrating the bounty of the Earth and learn how you can observe this time of abundance for yourself or with your community.

September 2019 – Mabon/The Witch’s Thanksgiving

The high point of the yearly cycle is done. We have reached Fall Equinox, the Witch’s Thanksgiving. Here, we continue to explore harvest season through the cornucopia of symbols and festivals found at this time of year. Discover methods for working in a ‘shifting’ season, and learn ways to help yourself and your community prepare for the Underworld journey of Winter.

October 2019 – Samhain/Hallowe’en

Samhain Icon

The dark is finally here and—full disclosure—it’s my favorite season! We will take a look at the superstitions and traditions surrounding possibly the most well known of the Sabbats—Samhain. The true tipping point into The Underworld Journey of Winter, learn how to incorporate archetypes and symbols that can sometimes be dark and spooky into your life as healthy and balanced forms of working with The Shadow.

Mortlake & Co. is a lovely occult bookstore and art gallery run by William Kiesel, the wizard behind Seattle’s Texts & Traditions Colloquium (formerly The Esoteric Book Conference.) It is near dozens of bus lines as well as the light rail. There is also free parking in front of the store until 7 PM. I will burn incense made from natural resins (no synthetics). There will be water available. There is a bathroom in the building. The event space is ADA accessible in the bookstore half, but there is a 4″ step into the gallery area where the lecture is. You can see and hear everything from the bookstore side.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at contact@meaganangus.com

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