New Patreon Post – The Megalesia, Ancient Sparkle Party Dedicated to The Magna Mater, Cybele, and Her Band of Phrygian Phreaks

Cybele, Mater Turrita, Mater Magna Idaea, Roman Goddess of War, Immortality and Founder of Cities

The Megalesia (in conjunction with another Spring Equinox festival called Hilaria) was the name the Romans gave to a week-long festival celebrating the Phrygian Goddess, Cybele and her eunuch Son/Lover Attis, a vegetation God that died at Winter and was resurrected at Spring. The rite was brought to Rome from Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). There are very few records left from the thousands of years She was worshiped in various forms in Anatolia, but we do have some reasonably complete records of the Roman version.

The festival started every year on April 4th and concluded April 10th.* Bright and early on the first morning, a silver image of Kybele, riding in a chariot drawn by lions, was taken out of her temple and paraded through the city. The procession was escorted by the Corybantes, fully armed Priestess who danced wildly and clashed their swords and shields together…

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