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March Tarot Circle – The Emperor: “Our” Righteous Vision (Let’s Do It Together! Alone! My Way!)

March 27, 2020 @ 3:00 pm 5:00 pm PDT

Tarot Circle is a monthly workshop series for folks who want to explore and experiment with Tarot in a group setting. For the time being, these will be livestream classes. http://bit.ly/MeaganAngusOnYouTube

This month’s Circle will focus on The Emperor, related to the sign of Aries!

Everyone has Aries in their chart somewhere, and with Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) going retrograde in it’s own sign for the 1st time in 40 years (!!) Getting a handle on your Emperor energy now could be incredibly helpful!!

The Emperor represents that element of passion we all carry. It’s the thing in us that wants to fight for what’s right, and blaze new trails. But, The Emperor can be dictatorial and shortsighted. How do we best work with this fiery character??

This class will be offered free/donation/pay what you can/ through my YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/MeaganAngusOnYouTube Subscribe and turn on notifications to keep up with streams.
There are no tickets to buy for this class! But! If you are moved to support this stream, please leave a tip in the tip jar, or subscribe to my Patreon!

Tarot Circle will have something for folks at all levels. From group discussion and exploration of fundamental concepts to creativity exercises aimed at developing divergent thinking and a personalized relationship with the symbolism of Tarot. And there will hopefully be a lot of laughter.
There will be some structure to every workshop and to the year as a whole, however there will always be an organic element born spontaneously from the collaborative energy of the group.

Folks are encouraged to grab a Tarot deck, a journal or something to write on, some art supplies, and settle in. I also encourage folks to create sacred space for themselves by lighting a candle an/or some incense.

The 2020 Tarot Circle is being offered in conjunction with the Wheel of the Year classes.

You are not required to attend one class to understand the other. However, the two series will complement each other in exponential ways, allowing for expansion of the subject matter not possible in one class. After teaching The Wheel for 5 years, and cramming as much seasonal Tarot info as possible into each class, I finally realized I needed to create a dedicated Tarot workshop series to give room for all the work that can be done with this divinatory tool. Head here for more information about The Wheel.

Taught by

Meagan Angus

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