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Metaphysical Classes – Expand Your Understanding

Throughout the year I offer classes focusing on Pagan magical practices like Tarot reading, Astrology, Pagan spiritual work and more.

The Wheel of The Year

The Wheel of The Year is an ongoing series of 2-hour lectures focused on The Eight Sabbats or holidays of Wicca and Paganism. We look closely at The Western European and American Pagan traditions, but we also look at other traditions and myths from around the World, paying close attention to where these traditions match up. Workbook and calendar supplied with every class.
Attend a live class

Tarot Classes

Information and scheduling for public and drop-in tarot classes coming soon.
Would you like to host a Tarot class for you and your crew? Contact me! I love teaching groups of friends.

Tarot Coaching

Want to learn how to read Tarot and you’re ready to get serious? Invest in yourself and take my
12-hour Absolute Beginners Course.