Metaphysical Classes – Expand Your Understanding

Throughout the year I offer classes focusing on Pagan magical practices like Tarot reading, Astrology, Witchcraft and more.

The Wheel of The Year is an ongoing series of 2 hour lectures focused on The Eight Sabbats or holidays of Wicca and Witchcraft. We look closely at The Western European and American Pagan traditions, but we also look at other traditions and myths from around the World, paying close attention to where these traditions match up. Workbook and calendar supplied with every class.
These lectures will be available for download soon.

The Tarot 101 Basic classes are ideal for beginners and veterans alike. Covering everything from the history of Tarot to common forms of blessing and cleansing, I developed a workbook to help the student begin to create a dialogue with each card in the deck, equally based in tradition and personal experience.

The Tarot 101 Expanded Classes focus on more specialized subject matter like the crossover of Tarot and Astrology or exploring modalities to assist your divinatory practice.

Current Class Choices