Classes and Events

Metaphysical Classes –
Meet Yourself On The Road

Throughout the year I offer one-time and ongoing classes focusing on Pagan magical practices like the Wheel of the Year, Tarot Study, Pagan spiritual work and more.


Eve of the Dead Procession 2023

In mournful dress with candles, relics, and a noise
A Funeral Spectacle to revere thee Spirits visiting on this Eve.

Please join us for this year’s Eve of the Dead Procession. Seems there’s no end to the End. In the tradition of Thee Wild Hunt and The Furious Host, let’s take our Beloved Dead for an evening’s jaunt, and see what other Spirits might like to go for a strolling haunt.

We encourage anyone who would like to attend in a spirit of reverence and reverie.
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Tarot Circle

Tarot Circle is a monthly Tarot-focused offering for folks subscribed to my Patreon, as a thanks for their support.

Tarot Circle is for folks at all levels of learning who want to explore and experiment with Tarot in a group setting.

Experiences can range from straightforward lectures with slides, to group discussions and exploration of fundamental concepts, to creativity exercises aimed at developing divergent thinking and a personalized relationship with the symbolism of Tarot. And there will hopefully be a lot of laughter.


Tarot Circle is held in private Zoom meetings to create a container for those who are working with me.
Folks who are subscribed to my Patreon at any level, and anyone attending Tarot workshops the same month attend for free.
All students and Patrons at the Venus level – $9 – and up will get a link to the recording.

The Wheel of The Year

The Wheel of The Year is an ongoing series of 2-hour classes/lectures/sermons focused on The Eight Sabbats or holidays of Wicca and Paganism.

We look closely at The Western European and American Pagan traditions, but we also look at other traditions and myths from around the World, paying close attention to where these traditions match up.

Subjects covered: the symbolism of the featured Sabbat, astrology, astronomy, biorhythms and their intersection with folklore and spiritual practice, current world events, mythology, and other archetypal groups, spellcasting, Tarot, crafts, prayers, and more

Workbook and calendar supplied with every class.



Want to learn how to read Tarot and you’re ready to get serious? Invest in yourself and take my Absolute Beginners Course.


Tools For Litha Workshop – Cascadian Midsummer

June 2023 (day/time TBA)

In this workshop we will create a tool to utilize in our celebrations and charge it with a guided meditation covering the fundamental themes of Litha.

This workshop will be taught in person as a free offering to attendees of the Cascadian Midsummer Music Festival at Red Hawk Avalon in the Willapa Hills in (so called) Washington State.

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Tarot Workshops

Welcome To Tarot is back! This workshop is strictly limited to 12 people. SOLD OUT.

Vernal Equinox Broom Making Workshop

Class Broom Making Class with Abbey Carlstrom Turkey Wing Broom

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March 19, 2023
12 PM Pacific Time / 3 PM Eastern Time

In this Ostara themed workshop, we’ll be making a Turkey Wing, a traditional Appalachian style of hand broom. We’ll discuss the history of brooms and broom-making and the role of brooms in different customs and folk traditions. We will also look at our relationship with our tools and physical materials.

I’ll be co-teaching this special edition springtime class with my friend Abbey Carlstrom. Abbey has been a broommaker’’s apprentice since 2019. She learned in the style of traditional Appalachian brooms from T. Scheumack, who learned broom-making nearly 40 years ago at the Ozark Heritage Museum in Arkansas.

The class will be held on zoom and take between 2-3 hours. Participants will receive a materials kit the week before the class, and preparation instructions via email. Space in this class is especially limited with 6 spots.

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