Mentor Programs For Tarot

Wooden desktop with colorful tarot cards and crystals scattered around for tarot mentor class


A major calling in my life’s Work is teaching. It is a great honor to mentor people as they develop a relationship with their own intuition. For those who want to deepen their capacity for understanding universal archetypes, or begin to build their own vocabulary for their own magickal work, I offer one-on-one mentoring for the Tarot seeker.

One-On-One Tarot Mentor

Let’s work together to help you flourish in your conversation with Tarot. My original Absolute Beginners Course is perfect for folks who are more or less beginning their Tarot adventurer. Advanced students who are confident in their primary skills and want to focus on particular topics or go into “400 level” subject matter can use the Continuum Course to create a unique study plan tailored around specific topics. Either way, we’ll go at your pace. Sessions can include follow up emails and Zoom support.

When we work together as teacher and student, I will introduce you to the vast lineage of myths and symbols contained in Tarot. You will learn how to interpret its arcane imagery. I’ll support you in your evolution to create your own vocabulary, based on a combination of traditional and personal symbolism. Ultimately, I will help you prepare to conduct competent readings for yourself and your community.

The Absolute Beginners Course

Created for people who have never read Tarot, folks who have been playing around but want to get serious, and for those who have been doing intuitive readings and want to add traditional meanings to their repertoire. The Absolute Beginners Course course is 12 hours, not including reading assignments, self-study, and homework. There are 12 lessons, 1 hour each.

Students who enter the mentorship program receive free entry to the monthly Tarot circle, a one hour personal lesson per month, a workbook with lessons, homework, one free hour-long reading, a discount on all other classes and services, access to my Tarot writings, and more. Students will also receive a certificate of completion when they finish.

The ABC syllabus will cover:
A Brief History of Tarot
The Basic Types of Tarot Decks
The Differences Between Tarot and Oracle Decks
Cultural Appropriation, Gender Bias, and Other Problems with Tarot
A Basic Overview of Magical Symbolism and its Various Sources
A Basic Overview of Archetypal Symbolism
The Suits
The Numbers
The Royals
The Major Arcana
Common and Uncommon Spreads

As I mentor you in these fundamentals, my core emphasis will be on helping you develop your own vocabulary for the cards, and learning how to synthesize all the information coming in during a reading to form a response to the questions being asked.

Continuum Course

Students who wish to continue their studies after the ABC can go further with the Continuum Course.

Topics in the Continuum Course can include:
The Fool’s Journey
Sacred Pathways Through the Tarot (to guide personal spiritual development)
Other Things You Can Do With Tarot Besides “Fortune Telling”
The Fundamentals of Magical Practice and Ritualism – how to clear space, make sacred space, cleanse, bless and dedicate a deck, cleanse and bless a person (depending on the student’s experiences with Paganism and Magical Forms, (this could be multiple classes)
The Crossroads of Tarot and Astrology
Archetypal Symbolism and Tarot
Tarot for Pagans
Tarot for Magicians
The Ethics of Reading for The Public
Tarot and Crystals

Tarot and Essential Oils
Magickal Helpers – elements to assist your reading skills

…and more.

During this portion of classes, my core emphasis will be to mentor you in developing your familiarity and understanding of the curriculum you choose. I also hope to expand your understanding of what Tarot is in the larger metaphysical world, and what it can do, as well as continuing to develop your ability to synthesize questions with answers. These classes can be taken in any order or combination.

All lessons are $80 an hour (as of 2020).

Students can book mentor sessions with me in cycles of 4, 8, or 12 classes at a time.
Office hours Mondays & Wednesdays from 11am -6pm PST.
Please email me to check for availability to register for these classes.

I am currently seeing students virtually. Our lessons will be held over Zoom (or some similar app.) All classes are recorded and stored in your own private dropbox. You can view and download the material up to a year after our last lesson.