Lughnasadh 2023 Class and Materials

My 2023 Lughnasadh class is now live on youtube and all major podcast platforms. Slides from the class, as well as the 20 page workbook, 8 week calendar, digital spells and altars and more is now available for all Patrons subbed at the Venus ($9) and higher. These classes are normally $30 when I teach … Read more

Lughnasadh Season 2023 – Sun Enters Leo

SUN ENTERS 0º LEO Lughnasadh Season 2023 – Sun Enters Leo-6:50PM 07.22.2023 PST-Pluto RX at 29º Capricorn-North Node at 29º Aries-South Node at 29º Libra-Neptune RX at 27º Pisces-Sextile Moon at 27º Virgo WHAT ELSE IS IN LEO? MERCURY 21ºVENUS RX 28º Bust out your natal chart and let’s ground into this moment. We are … Read more

Litha Season 2023 New Moon in Cancer Lunar Week 16

My Good Heathens, Witches, and Pagans. The astrology of this week is wild af. This week is asking us to get supremely clear on our values, our relationship to responsibilities, and our relationship to Power and power structures. We may see some funky stuff go down in community, let’s try our best not to fuel … Read more

Spinning The Wheel: Lughnasadh Season Full Moon in Aquarius Lunar Week 27

This week is a doozy, but holy days like Nemoralia, The Bon Festival, and the Feast of the Holy Sophia keep us grounded in the work of Lughnasadh, come Hell and high water. Let us celebrate the thresholds of Life and Death.

Spinning the Wheel: Lughnasadh Season Waxing Moon in Scorpio Lunar Week 26

This week our Lughnasadh season Waxing Moon in Scorpio asks us to consider the Shadow Work that comes up when we embrace Power. Can we handle being so close to The Sun? How do we handle the strain when our edges get a bit crispy? We can work with plant helper Hazelnut Tree, Tarot helper … Read more