Lughnasadh Season 2023 Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius Lunar Week 18

Happy Lughnasadh Witches! How auspicious that we have a Full Moon on Lammas this year, perfect for backyard parties, firepits by the water’s edge, and all manner of night-time romps and adventures. This week celebrates the fire, power, and passion of many pantheons, as we hum with buzzing brilliance in the heart and heat of … Read more

Spinning the Wheel: Lughnasadh Season Waxing Moon in Scorpio Lunar Week 26

This week our Lughnasadh season Waxing Moon in Scorpio asks us to consider the Shadow Work that comes up when we embrace Power. Can we handle being so close to The Sun? How do we handle the strain when our edges get a bit crispy? We can work with plant helper Hazelnut Tree, Tarot helper … Read more