Sun Enters Leo

SUN ENTERS LEO 07.22.2022 1:06 PM PST  As the Sun enters Leo, we settle into the heart of Summer. While the Sun floated through Cancer, we brought our focus back to home and family. We claimed the visions we had in Spring, committing our energy to manifesting them. In Leo, we embrace the responsibility of … Read more

Spinning The Wheel: Litha Season Waning Moon in Aries Lunar Week 24

OK Heathens! A week of ablutions to Water deities in hopes they can see us through the dry times. Lughnasadh Season is almost here, are you ready to seize the reigns? (Pun intended…) As always, thank you to my Patrons for supporting this work. You can get the Six Week Guide to Lughnasadh when you … Read more

The Sun Card – July Tarot Circle – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

July Tarot Circle – The Sun Card – Everybody Loves The SunshineJULY 19, 2022, 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST This month’s Tarot Circle is focused on The Sun Card. The Sun is the central deity of nearly every religion and spiritual practice on Earth! As we move into Lughnasadh Season, The Sun becomes … Read more

Spinning The Wheel: Litha Season Super Full Moon in Capricorn Lunar Week 23

First off I want to give you all a huge thank you because I have officially hit over 5000 plays on this here podcast which is so wild to me. I am really pretty thrilled by this and I hope I can keep creating work that you all find value in. As thanks you can … Read more

Spinning The Wheel: Litha Season Waxing Moon in Libra Lunar Week 22

Hey Heathens! We Witches have some beautiful festivals this week and some crunchy astrology. BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF THIS WEEK.  Festivals like the Islamic Hajj and deities like Castor and Pollux remind us to stay close to friends and family, and to hold each other up. Elegba-Bara stands with us at the Crossroads where we … Read more