The Sun Card – July Tarot Circle – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

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Tarot Circle The Sun Card July 19 2022, 6pm PST, 9 pm EST, Free for all Patrons and Students, Tarot for Lughnasadh Season

July Tarot Circle – The Sun Card – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
JULY 19, 2022, 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST

This month’s Tarot Circle is focused on The Sun Card. The Sun is the central deity of nearly every religion and spiritual practice on Earth! As we move into Lughnasadh Season, The Sun becomes a profound metaphor for us to explore our capacity, our magnanimity, our personal Gold. 

As the ruling planet of Leo, the sign that oversees the high part of Summer, The Sun can be a potent archetype to work with.

I recommend you bring to class:
tarot deck(s)
-and specifically pull out the Sun card, Strength, and the suit of Wands
a candle
a journal or keyboard for notes
bringing the colors red, orange and gold into your study space in any way (clothing, plants, food, lighting, pictures in magazines-get creative and use what you already have)
If you have one, a Wand or similar magical tool.

This class is an exclusive benefit for Patron supporters. Use the link below to join my Patreon.

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