Spinning The Wheel Podcast

Spinning The Wheel Podcast – Ostara Season Aries New Moon

I said in my Ostara Livestream class if I hit 50 Patrons I would begin to make my new podcast experiment open to the public. Well, you Heathens did it, so let me introduce Spinning The Wheel Podcast!

And you can’t ask for better timing, as we are starting with the Aries New Moon.

Spinning the Wheel podacst is The Pagan Wheel of the Year, but each Sabbat is so much more than 8 holy days. I take a look at how Pagans, Witches, Heathens and other polytheists, ancient and modern, celebrate their holy days. And we also take a look at what everyone else is doing in a season. This can help us develop our connection to our own path while deepening our empathy for our fellow humans.

I have been teaching this material for over 20 years, but this podcast is still in its experimental stages, and so is a little rough around the edges, but ya gotta start somewhere!

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Blessed Be!

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