Spinning The Wheel Podcast

Spinning The Wheel Podcast

Hello heathens! Welcome to Spinning the Wheel podcast.

The Pagan Wheel of the Year is so much more than 8 holy days. In this podcast, I take a look at how Pagans, Witches, Heathens and other polytheists, ancient and modern, celebrate their holy days. And we also take a look at what everyone else is doing in a season. This can help us develop our connection to our own path while deepening our empathy for our fellow humans.

We’ll typically look at the Holy days (past and present), lunar phases, astrology and more for each week.

This podcast is still in its experimental stages, and so is a little rough around the edges, but ya gotta start somewhere!

Spinning the Wheel podcast is awesome by itself, but even cooler with my classes. You can watch them here.

Blessed Be!

Samhain Season Waning Moon in Leo Lunar Week 31 Spinning The Wheel

This week is a mixed bag of astrology. Helpful and stabilizing at the beginning, ominous and explosive as the week goes on. If you are feeling lost, ground into your values, and get real with yourself about where you need more education. Get real with yourself around whatever privileges you may have and how you can leverage them to help the collective. Our week also offers us an interesting collection of emotions: many Pagan holy days this week are about remembering our fallen Witches and other groups who have oppressed throughout time. But, we end the week with the onset of the Holy Week of Diwali – let us utilize this moment to light a candle and not simply curse the darkness. May knowledge and compassion reign over ignorance and hate. Middle East Children's Alliance Stop Gaza Genocide Tool Kit Education of the history of the Palestine/Israel occupation 5 Calls You Can Make Right Now — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/meagan-angus/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/meagan-angus/support
  1. Samhain Season Waning Moon in Leo Lunar Week 31
  2. Samhain 2023: Witch's New Year
  3. Mabon Season Waxing Moon in Capricorn Lunar Week 29
  4. Mabon Season Waning Moon in Cancer Lunar Week 27
  5. Fall Equinox (Mabon) 2023: Witch's Thanksgiving

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