A picture of Witch and Pagan Meagan Angus in front of her altar and bookshelves, holding up a wand, looking knowingly into the camera. She is wearing a pentagram necklace, a black tank top and green pants, with long flowing red hair.
Meagan Angus, Witch. Photo by Allyce Andrew

Meagan Angus – Multi-Dimensional Witch

Hello! I am a Witch, Pagan, and ordained minister. I mentor, as well as see clients in the Seattle area and online. Empowering people to perceive and define their own reality really gets me excited.

I teach online classes on the Witch’s practice of The Wheel of the Year that are currently free to the public as my offering of support during the COVID crisis. I also teach monthly Tarot Circle workshops for my Patrons and students and mentor Tarot in 1-on-1 private lessons. As well, I also work with clients utilizing my knowledge of Myth, Astrology, Tarot, Paganism and The Wheel of the Year for guidance.

Hedge Witch, 21st Century Magician, Reality Doula, Mystical Monkeywrencher are all titles I’ve used for myself. There are others. My magic, like my life, is fluid but follows a current through The Universe. I want to honor the efforts of the beings who came before me, who built what I now know as reality. And in turn, I want to be good, weird, strong shoulders for future generations to stand on. It doesn’t matter what I do, really, as long as I’m doing that. So whether it’s teaching Witchcraft, reading someone’s natal chart or Tarot spread, playing music, making art, or documenting it all, my hope is that I’ve somehow contributed to the benefit of a better now, as well as a better tomorrow.

When not cavorting with the Gods, I play the violin and sing for the neoclassical Pagan trio Thunder Grey Pilgrim. You can find my solo work under Brilligh. I also create visual art in a variety of mediums. And, I have been know to write a couple words on cannabis… If you’re looking for me, I’m probably at a noise show in a basement somewhere.

I am currently working on some magickal projects with the illustrator Ryan Jack Allred

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Current Patrons

I have deep gratitude and thanks for the people who support me financially. It’s a stabilizing and confirming force in my life. As thanks, Patrons get early and exclusive access to my work, early booking for sessions, discounts on reading and classes, behind-the-scenes experiments, and a ton of other stuff as well as the buttery-warm satisfaction of supporting a weirdo like myself. Follow the links to support other weirdos and paradigm busters.

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Fans of Meagan Angus

I absolutely would work with Meagan again and again! Her detailed report on my Natal Chart and all the aspects we covered in the first session alone floored me. I’ve never before received data, advice, suggestions and wisdoms like such. Even as (mostly) everything discussed was a confirmation of what I’ve been spiritually feeling/wanting to be more present with, it was like Meagan tuned into ME, my energy and she composed her wealthy report tactfully, in a language I both understood implicitly and enjoyed. I felt everything she offered in the first shot was tailored to MY growth & with spaces for my unique gifts and path—not based on creating a protege in her own image or on teaching or ‘clickbait’ tactics to gain more money session by session. With Meagan there are the facts—the raw data—and there are also the personalized applications and suggested areas of focus & improvement; expansive things I never thought about trying or examining. There’s also her fierce yet quite delicate disposition. This is a Witch to stand in solidarity with. All of this will have me working with her again.

Antwanzhane D., Astrology Reading

Meagan is AMAZING. So knowledgeable and is able to boil things down in an understandable way. I gained a ton of insights from this reading! Keep being awesome.

Natalie H., Astrology Reading

Meagan is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, hilarious, and wise among many other qualities!
It was incredible! Genuinely one of the best I’ve experienced.

Lindsay J., Astrology Reading

I want to thank you again, Meagan, for the gift of these classes. I leave feeling so inspired after every one of them. I also want to thanks Kook Teflon for telling me about them. You both are such an inspiration and a source of strength for me. You’re like the flame to my candle.

Laurel D., Wheel of the Year Student

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