This week’s podcast…

… is not happening when it should because I am sick as a dog. Luckily, it’s not covid (at least all my tests have come back negative so far…) but my voice is almost non-existent at the moment, and while it’s quite deep and sultry, I also sound like death. So, for now, Patrons hace … Read more

Imbolc Season Waxing Moon in Gemini Lunar Week 54…?

These are the last weeks of Winter, my Witches. What work still needs tending? What old energy needs to be used up? What elements from the past need to be purified and burned away?Witches Work: tending waterways and Holy Wells, minding internal dialogues, 9 of Cups

Imbolc Season 2023 New Moon in Pisces Lunar Week 53

This New Moon is asking us to step up and receive the gifts the Universe has been waiting to give us… as long as we can also accept the responsibility of wielding those gifts for the betterment of our communities, and ourselves. What are your most fantastical dreams and hopes for the future of our … Read more

Sun Enters Pisces Imbolc Season 2023

SUN ENTERS PISCES02.18.2023 2:34 PM PST  With the Sun entering Pisces, we arrive at the last four weeks of Winter. While the Sun drifted through Aquarius, we turned to our most calcified and frozen parts of ourselves, and we began to melt them with Winter’s frost. We demonstrated our capacity to re-imagine ourselves and break … Read more