Lughnasadh Season 2023 Waning Moon in Gemini Lunar Week 23

Witches! Another week offering recalibration, reorientation, and reconfiguration before we head off into the Dark Half of the Year. This portion of our Virgo journey is overseen by Great Goddesses like Yemoja, Aset/Isis, Mother Earth, The Holy Sophia, Gauri, and Venus Genitrix to name a few. How does what you know affect what you create … Read more

Imbolc Season Waxing Moon in Gemini Lunar Week 54…?

These are the last weeks of Winter, my Witches. What work still needs tending? What old energy needs to be used up? What elements from the past need to be purified and burned away?Witches Work: tending waterways and Holy Wells, minding internal dialogues, 9 of Cups