Litha Season 2023 Waning Half Moon in Aries Lunar Week 15

Hello Heathens. This week’s astro is taking on a funky journey through memories and difficult stories from our past. How can you show up for yourself when it feel like the Universe is picking on you? How do we move when the poison and the medicine come from the same root? Mythic figures like Castor … Read more

Spinning The Wheel: Litha Season Waxing Moon in Libra Lunar Week 22

Hey Heathens! We Witches have some beautiful festivals this week and some crunchy astrology. BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF THIS WEEK.  Festivals like the Islamic Hajj and deities like Castor and Pollux remind us to stay close to friends and family, and to hold each other up. Elegba-Bara stands with us at the Crossroads where we … Read more

Wheel of the Year: Litha – Pagans Celebrate the Longest Day of the Year

Litha, aka the Summer Solstice, is almost here—time to get naked and light a big fire. Summer and the Summer Solstice are finally here! Also called Midsummer, Summer Solstice marks the high point of the sun’s arc across the sky in the Northern Hemisphere. At Litha we are treated to the longest days and the … Read more

The Divine Twins: Me and Myself, The Original Holy Couple

The concept of The Divine Twins is found around the world. It is a powerful concept that, like its astrological equivalent, Gemini, takes on many forms. The Twins are depicted as two men, two women, a man and woman, and two figures that are interchangeable, with interchangeable genders, roles, and powers. I cannot say with … Read more