Spinning The Wheel: Litha Season Waxing Moon in Libra Lunar Week 22

Text stating: Spinning the Wheel Podcast with Meagan Angus Waxing Moon in Libra over and image of a hand holding sparkler fireworks with gold and silver sparkles against a dark background

Hey Heathens! We Witches have some beautiful festivals this week and some crunchy astrology. BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF THIS WEEK. 

Festivals like the Islamic Hajj and deities like Castor and Pollux remind us to stay close to friends and family, and to hold each other up. Elegba-Bara stands with us at the Crossroads where we must take a moment to examine – truly – the road we’re on, the Path we’re meant to be on, and the roads less traveled. 

And our astrology asks us: can we push through programming from the kyriarchy to see past our fear and into our collective future? Revolutionaries to the front, please.

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