2024 Year Ahead Astrology Reports – Diary of a Faithful Scientist

My ‘official’ theme for the astrology of 2024 is DIARY OF A FAITHFUL SCIENTIST.

Why a diary? Because we need to be honest and vulnerable with ourselves. These are wild times to be alive on Earth and recording our most intimate thoughts and feelings, our hopes and fears, our idyllic dreams of the future helps to bring those things into clarity – and reac

Also, because this is a year where it will behoove us to record the epic amount of ideas and feedback we may encounter.

Why Faithful? Adopting a faithful attitude belies that we still hold hope for the present and the future. We are one year closer to world peace and liberation of all people. Can you believe that?! To have faith, beyond any religious connotations, implies trust that we can find, build, or develop a holistically better life for ourselves and future generations.

We may need to lean our faith this year. It may be tested. It may also be bolstered in some unexpected ways.

And why a Scientist? Because a true scientist is dedicated to truth, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient. They are often pivotal in innovating improvements for future generations. They take good notes and record feedback faithfully from their experimentation. And they make the needed adjustments. 

The astrology of 2024 asks us to embrace the unorthodox, unifying, and inspiring flashes of our potential as a species while simultaneously dealing with the here and now in all of its bloody, materialistic, and dogmatic realness.

Escapism is fine for a treat, but not a lifestyle. We need all hands on deck.

The first 1/2 of the year provides some opportunities to spring ahead and cover some ground. The second 1/2 of the year provides opportunities to receive critiques and feedback and spaces to make adjustments before steaming ahead.

The 2024 Year Ahead report looks at your personal transits within the scope of all the ideas.

In this 8+ page report, we will cover the major transits of the year, including, but not limited to:

  • Major Global Themes with key dates
  • Personal Themes focusing on your biggest transits of 2024
  • Lunar Events like Eclipses, SuperMoons, and Blue Moons, where they fall in your chart, and how they can affect your Witch’s Work
  • Retrograde cycles of 2024, including best personal dates for recalibration
  • Your most compelling personal transits for relationships, actualization, and personal empowerment
  • Solar and Lunar Sabbat dates

These reports are currently only available to my Patrons (who also get discount codes…) and are limited. If there are any slots left, I will open them to the public Jan 15th.

Blessed Be,


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