Tarot Circle 2020

Tarot Circle is a monthly workshop series for folks who want to explore and experiment with Tarot in a group setting.

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Held monthly at the lovely Madrona House Apothecary in Seattle, WA, Tarot Circle will have something for folks at all levels. From group discussion and exploration of fundamental concepts to creativity exercises aimed at developing divergent thinking and a personalized relationship with the symbolism of Tarot. And there will hopefully be a lot of laughter.

There will be some structure to every workshop and to the year as a whole, however there will always be an organic element born spontaneously from the collaborative energy of the group.

Various topics we might cover in these Tarot workshops:

  • A 10-20 minute lecture about at least one card, sometimes multiple cards will be discussed.
  • A guided meditation.
  • Creativity exercises to foster a deeper relationship with Tarot symbolism.
  • How Tarot connects to the seasons and the Pagan Wheel of the Year.
  • How Tarot connects to the astrology of each month.
  • Discussion on techniques, traditions, and ethics of reading Tarot.
  • Visualizations, stones, essential oils, and other modalities to help you develop your skills.

An overview of the themes for 2020 might look like this:

  • January – The Fool: How To Carefully Walk Off A Cliff
  • February – The Moon: Our Ancestors Sure Talk Loud Sometimes
  • March – The Emperor: “Our” Righteous Vision (Let’s Do It Together! Alone! My Way!)
  • April – The Empress: Loving Mother Earth
  • May – The Lovers: Sensual Healing for Aliens and the People Who Love Them
  • June – The High Priestess: 40 Sure Fire Tips For Pulling Back the Veil
  • July – Strength: I’m Taking Calls (No Small Talk)
  • August – The Magician: Jester, Trickster, Psychopomp
  • September – Justice: Tipping the Balance to Please Everyone, Promise
  • October – Death: Not Just For Goths
  • November – Temperance: Into The Fire (of Enlightenment)
  • December – The World: Even After Enlightenment, Taxes.

(This list is subject to change and alteration, don’t sue me.)

Classes are limited to 14 students

Folks are encouraged to bring their own Tarot deck, a journal or something to write on, a hard surface to work on (like a book) and art supplies like crayons, colored pencils, or pastels (no watercolors plx).
There will be a mixture of seating arraignments, feel free to bring a pillow or zafu to get comfy.
Also feel free to bring a small, biodegradable offering for the community altar.
The Apothecary has a bathroom and filtered water.

The Apothecary is a unique venue, and in that there are some rules for attendance to Tarot Circle. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

  • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes early. The Apothecary is a shared work space and there are other practitioners working with clients. There is a coffee shop and park nearby if you are early to the event.
  • We will lock the doors at 15 minutes after start. Please arrive on time!
  • By its nature, the Apothecary has some scents, and at some classes I’ll bring a scent blend for us to work with. Please keep your personal scent profile to a minimum.
  • This is a shoes-off space.
  • Please don’t bring any food.
  • Please don’t bring drinks that can stain.

The 2020 Tarot Circle is being offered in conjunction with the Wheel of the Year classes.

You are not required to attend one class to understand the other. However, the two series will complement each other in exponential ways, allowing for expansion of the subject matter not possible in one class. After teaching The Wheel for 5 years, and cramming as much seasonal Tarot info as possible into each class, I finally realized I needed to create a dedicated Tarot workshop series to give room for all the work that can be done with this divinatory tool. Head here for more information about The Wheel.

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