2024 Year Readings

The astrology of 2024 offers us multiple opportunities for transmutation and deep paradigm shifts, couched in profound moments that might feel like initiations. Hope, experimentation, and space for dynamic structural change are all suggested by the transits of the coming year.

Jupiter and Saturn are locked in an intense conversation, part of a 20-year cycle between these two planets. Pluto makes it’s final moves in Capricorn and steps into Aquarius, officially. Our eclipse cycles begin to shift as the nodes get ready to change signs… and so much more.

In this 8+ page report, we will cover the major transits of the year, including, but not limited to:

  • Major Global Themes with key dates
  • Personal Themes focusing on your biggest transits of 2024
  • Lunar Events like Eclipses, SuperMoons, and Blue Moons, where they fall in your chart, and how they can affect your Witch’s Work
  • Retrograde cycles of 2024, including best personal dates for recalibration
  • Your most compelling personal transits for relationships, actualization, and personal empowerment
  • Solar and Lunar Sabbat dates

The 2024 report will run from Imbolc Season 2024 (1.20.2024) to Imbolc Season 2025 (1.20.2025) to help bring you into alignment with this Pagan system of timekeeping known as The Wheel of the Year.

Your 2024 report will include a list of all Lunar events, all retrograde events, major transits and ingresses, personal transits, and a few charts for your reference throughout 2024.

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