A Simple Banishing & Blessing Ritual

This is a simple ritual or ceremony for you to try in your home.
Let this empower you to feel ownership over your space.
You decide what energies are allowed in your home!
No-one and nothing else!
Blessed Be!

This ritual is designed to be effective with the minimum amount of tools and ingredients.


A candle – any size, plain beeswax, white or your favorite color.
A bundle of dried herbs for burning – lavender, rosemary, cedar, yarrow, heather, and broom are all great, or a few sticks of your favorite incense.
A piece of paper and pen to make a list.
Other things – bells or stuff to make noise


Sit down with yourself and anyone else you live with. Light your candle. Take 3 deep breaths. Make a list of good things you want for your house and Home life.
Open a window in your house. If you can open all the windows and doors, all the better. This is for ventilation, as it will probably get smoky, as well as to create an “open door” for energy to leave by. Light your incense or herbs. Grab your noise makers if you are using them, and pick up your candle. If you can’t carry all that your self, just bring the candle and herbs/incense.

If you feel you need to Banish or move energy out of your house, start here, otherwise go to Blessing below.

You can easily make an herb bundle for cleansing out of rosemary, lavender, yarrow, or other plentiful herbs.


Starting at the front door, or what feels like the “front” of the house, walk counterclockwise (to the left) through the house and through each room. Ring your bells and make noise, stomp your feet, or just say firmly:“Good bye! It’s time to go! It’s time to move along! Goodbye! You’re leaving now! Get out! Move along! Goodbye!” and things like that as you move through the house.

Think of the smoke collecting the energies you want removed and carrying them out the window, dissipating back into neutral potential.

If you feel like the energy you are moving out has been threatening in any way, be stern. To be extra thorough with energy that feels more malevolent, you can fan your smoke to make it billow. Carefully (watch for burning embers) fan smoke into corners, closets, under beds, anywhere energies might try to “hide.” Make sure you also cover spots like your toilet, faucets, outlets, your wi-fi router, and any other means of passage in to your home.

If the energy has just been a little disruptive, or you would just prefer for it to move along, you might keep your tone more neutral. But either way, make sure you let this energy know it is not welcome and you rescind any permissions accidentally or purposefully given for it to be here.

Think of the smoke collecting the energies you want removed and carrying them out the window, dissipating back into neutral potential.

Continue until you get back to where you started.


When you come back to the start, grab your list. Take another 3 deep breaths. Walk clockwise (to the right) through the house and through each room. As you pass through each room read out what you want for that room (bedroom: good rest! good sex! kitchen: good food! good times with friends!), or just read whatever you have written. If you are moved to say a prayer as you go, or sing, or ring a bell, or clap or dance, that is all perfectly appropriate.

When you come back to where you started, find a safe, prominent spot to set your herbs or incense and candle down. Take a deep breath and let out a big laugh and clap and jump around!! You might even turn on your favorite song and have an impromptu dance party!
If you have a lot of your herb bundle left you can stub it out in an ashtray and save it for future work. If there’s not much left, or if you’re burning incense, let it burn out, then shut the window. You can let the candle burn out or, snuff it out and relight it anytime you want to reinforce this work.

That’s it!


You should use this ritual whenever you feel the need to. When the energy in your home has become stagnant or is filled with funky vibes. After any traumatic or shocking event. During or after an illness or depression. After an argument. After a roommate moves out.

If you want to bring this ritual into your regular house ritual routines, New Moons are a great time to reset the energy in your house and bring in new energy. The beginning of a new season is also an appropriate time. Full Moons are a great time to affirm what’s already good in your home and say thanks for what’s working. As the Moon changes from Full to New and moves through its waning phases (gets smaller), this is a great time to let go, clear out, end, or otherwise finish up and move out energies.