Evergreen Solar Wheel of the Year Cycle Report

In this evergreen report, we look at the natal chart through the lens of the Wheel of the Year, that Pagan timekeeping system based in Solar and Lunar rhythms. Each year, the Sun will pass through the same degrees on your chart more or less on the same days (though this does drift over time). That mean we will face some of the same issues each year at the same time. Through this chart you can learn to interpret this yearly rhythm for yourself, and meet the seasonal energies that inform you on this journey.

This report is evergreen because it will be accurate for the rest of your life.

This report includes:

  • a list of all major Solar transits (conjunction, opposition, square, trine), by degree
  • a breakdown of the fundamental symbolism for each Sabbat
  • areas of your life receiving focus through the House system as well as New and Full Moons
  • each Sabbat chart is a beautiful graphic perfect to print out and hang on your wall for study throughout the year

This report can be utilized as a tool to

  • learn more about your personal Solar process that happens every year
  • create a personal yearly calendar of low times, high times, and moments of power
  • follow along with the Sabbats and The Wheel
  • aid in your magickal practices
  • complement a magickal project

The report will run from Imbolc Season (1.20) to Imbolc Season (1.20) to help bring you into alignment with this Pagan system of timekeeping known as The Wheel of the Year.

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