Mercury Rx in Gemini 2021

Mercury Rx
Gemini 24º- 6º
May 29-June 22

Oh no mercury is in lemonade!!?1! what do?!

I have a cheatsheet for you because I am a badass.

Mercury is the planet of


A technical term I just invented from my brilliant mind that means thinking, intellect, communications, ideas… brain stuff.
Mercury Rx happens 3-4 times a year, and it gives us an awesome chance to Rx the parts of our lives Mercury is traveling thru.
Re-trogrades are a great time to:

  • renegotiate
  • review
  • recycle
  • repeat
  • relieve
  • reply
  • rescind
  • relate
  • reapply
  • release
  • return
  • reimagine
  • relax
  • repurpose
  • recommit
  • reinvent
  • resume
  • remind
  • reveal
  • reorganize
  • reconcile

Grab yr natal chart and look at the house(s) Mercury is Rxing thru. What did you start this Spring in Ostara and Beltane Seasons that needs revamping before we move into Litha and Summer?

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