Sun Enters Cancer

SUN ENTERS CANCER  06.21.2022 2:13 am PST  

With the Sun moving into Cancer, we are born into Litha Season and Summer. Spring is the time to f*ck around. In Litha, we find out. In Spring, we awaken our curiosity and test out ideas through experimentation and exploration. As the Sun moves into Cancer, we step out of the lab and into the field. In Cancer, we return our focus to home and family, and we claim the visions we’ve had in Spring, committing our energy to manifesting them.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, helping us initiate the season’s work, and assists us in holding and nurturing the projects we started in Spring. Cancer gets us to feel into what is important and close to our heart at this point in the year. We flow in our feelings and share our love and loving energies with folks in our lives that feel like family. In Gemini, we culminated our fact finding expeditions. Now, as we step into Cancer Season and Summer, we embrace the Work in front of us. We take care of our people. We nurture our projects, and we hold close to our loved ones.

Tradition and Security (whatever that stuff means to us) become a central focus in Cancer Season. After the adaptation of Gemini Season, Cancer can point to what we are still clinging to, what we feel we need to protect, and where we are still afraid to change. Old memories of the past, or past selves, may rise with the heat of Cancer season. Nostalgia can cloud our eyes, turning us inward, invoking domestic vibes. We might feel stuck in the past, or we might enjoy this sweet trip down memory lane. 

Working with Tarot like The Chariot, The High Priestess, and the Ace of Cups can help us settle into where we require more sensitivity in our projects, and where we may feed and sustain our emotional resources, and just trust in our capacity to stabilize our home and family and all the Universe can offer us this time around the Wheel.

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