The Samhain Lecture 2019 is Live!

Samhain Lecture 2019- A Six Week Guide To Witch’s New Year and Third Harvest is now available for download!


Recorded live Oct. 24th at Mortlake & Co. in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square, this year’s Samhain lecture is raucous, wild, and full of laughter, Sex, and Death of course!

Every lecture is two hours chock full of information, illumination, and celebration, connecting the symbols and ceremonies of the past with the heartbeat and vision of the future. You will also get a 16+ page PDF, including a 7 week calendar with over 150 holidays and festivals from around the world.

In this six week guide, we will explore Samhain, the Witch’s Sabbat celebrating the Witch’s New Year, and Third Harvest.  

We will take a look at the rituals, history and traditions surrounding possibly the most well known of the Sabbats—Samhain. The true tipping point into The Underworld Journey of Winter, learn how to incorporate archetypes and symbols that can sometimes be dark and spooky into your life as healthy and balanced forms of working with The Shadow.

But the work doesn’t stop after one night. In this six week guide, we will look at the major Witch’s Work for the season: Harvest, Purification, Death, and Transition, and what that means for Pagans and our communities.

We will work through the energy of the Scorpio Season, and the archetypes of Sex and Death, through studying the astronomy and the astrology of the times, as well as using rituals, spellcrafting, meditations and journaling.

And we will welcome change into our lives by embracing the change happening all around us.

Download your copy here!

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