Lughnasadh Livestream: A Six Week Guide to First Harvest


The Wheel of the Year continues to turn for Pagans with the great Cross-Quarter Sabbat Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas. Named for the Irish God Lugh, this holiday marks the 1/2 way point between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox. Lugh is a Storm and Sun God with skills like crafting, fighting, musical artistry, and sorcery, and he wins the gift of agriculture for the Tuatha Dé Danann in battle.

The holiday is also known as Lammas, which means loaf. Lammas Season comes to us at the hottest part of the year. It marked the beginning of the harvest season for ancient peoples in the Northern Hemisphere. But we can see this miracle of abundance in our modern world right now. Here in the Americas, the grain harvest has begun in the South and will continue up the continent until it arrives in Canada in mid-August. Green Corn Ceremony will be held by Indigenous tribes all over the country.

For modern Witches and Pagans, this is a time to step into our power and begin harvesting and sharing the gold in our lives (hint: it starts with knowing how to identify it!)

In this 2 hour lecture, we’ll look at the origins of this ancient fiery Sabbat celebrating the bounty of the Earth. But the work isn’t done after one night! We’ll take a look at what we can expect for the coming 6-7 weeks of Lammas season, learn how you can observe this time of abundance for yourself or with your community, and get ready to Do The Work.

Grab a friend, a journal or some art supplies, maybe make a pot of tea and a snack, and settle in. I also encourage folks to create sacred space for themselves by lighting a candle and/or some incense. You might also include magical tools like Tarot and your natal chart.

Folks who would really like to dig in can subscribe to my Patreon at the Venus level or higher get access to a 20 page workbook and 7-8 week calendar, a copy of this video and tons more. This livestream is free for all beings, thanks to the support of my Patrons and year-long students! Follow me on YouTube to get alerts when new videos are announced!

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