Mabon Livestream: Six Week Guide to Witch’s Thanksgiving


Mabon Livestream Sept 16th 6pm pst . The Wheel of the Year continues to turn for Pagans with the Quarter Sabbat MABON, also known as Fall Equinox.

The Sun’s has completed its arc over the high part of The Wheel. With that completion, we see the fullness of The Harvest come to fruition at Mabon. We have reached Fall Equinox, the Quarter-Day festival marking the half way point between Summer and Winter Solstice.

Pagans, Heathens, and Witches also know Mabon as Second Harvest and Witch’s Thanksgiving.

In this Mabon Livestream we continue to explore harvest season through the cornucopia of symbols and festivals found at this time of year. The work of Mabon season focuses on shifting from the drive and ambition of Summer into the fulfillment and resolution of Autumn.

Many Pagans see a form of the Goddess known as The Mother. They give birth to the massive harvests humans pull in all around the northern hemisphere.

In this lively 2 hour lecture you’ll learn ways to help yourself and your community shift from the high of Summer into the fall of Fall, and prepare for the Underworld journey of Winter.

But our Mabon work isn’t done after one night!

We’ll take a look at what we can expect for the coming 6-7 weeks of Mabon season. We will learn how to observe this time of abundance for yourself or with your community. And get ready to Do The Work.

Grab a friend, a journal or some art supplies, maybe make a pot of tea and a snack, and settle in. I also encourage folks to create sacred space for themselves by lighting a candle and/or some incense. You might also include magical tools like Tarot and your natal chart. Join us on YouTube to participate in chat.

Folks who would really like to dig in can subscribe to my Patreon at the Venus level or higher get access to a 20 page workbook and 7-8 week calendar, a copy of this video and tons more. This livestream is free for all beings, thanks to the support of my Patrons and year-long students! Follow me on YouTube to get alerts when new videos are announced!

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