Mabon Season Sky Guide

Your Mabon Season Sky Guide!

Mabon Sky Guide featuring dark purple grapes in the background. A List of dates for sky watching. Wheel of the Year, Meagan Angus
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Highlights for Mabon Season skies include the Taurid and Draconid Meteor Showers. We also have the Super New Moon in Libra on the 27th, and then the first Full Moon of Autumn in Aries rises on October 13th.

And like every year, the fixed star Spica will be making its heliacal rising on October 16th. This fixed star represents the ears of grain in the hands of the Goddess Virgo. Check Astrology King’s post on this fixed star, and the role it plays in your natal chart.

You can look for Spica on the Eastern horizon, rising just before the Sun.

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