Spinning The Wheel: Lughnasadh Season Waning Moon in Taurus Lunar Week 28

A bright color photo of green grass in dappled sunlight with a woven basket of red, shiny apples. Superimposed over this is a transparent brick red pentagram. Text overlay in black and white reads Spinning the Wheel Podcast with Meagan Angus, and text overlay in brick red reads Waning moon in Taurus.

Wow! We have SO MANY harvest festivals this week! But also holy days dedicated to The Ancestors who live underground pushing up what we harvest, the Water deities that support our Harvest, and the Wisdom Keepers that help us protect the harvest.

Odin and Virgo are front and center in the deepest symbology of Lughnasadh, insistent on maturation and leadership, with all the sacrifice and reward that comes along.

Our astrology supports this work too. We are asked to call ourselves out and in on what is no longer working in our methods of acquiring and relating to resources, security, and personal work. And we are given some guidance on the inevitable shift that is coming in our energy as Fall approaches and The Wheel Turns.

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