Sun Enters Virgo – Rejoice and Organize!

sun enters virgo aug 22nd

SUN ENTERS VIRGO 08.22.2022 8:16 PM PST 

When the Sun enters Virgo, we arrive at the last four weeks of Summer. While the Sun strutted through Leo, we brought our attention to our adoring fans, and we claimed the spotlight, demonstrating our capacity to lead and hold the center. In Virgo, we embrace the responsibility of beginning the shape changing called for as Summer comes to a close. In Virgo, we cross over from Lughnasadh to Mabon and Fall.

Analysis and Discrimination (whatever that stuff means to us) become a central focus in Virgo Season. After the the glitter of Leo begins to fade a bit, we are just left with tiny grains of sand. We may look a little petty as we nitpick the granular elements. Centering the Situation, Virgo Season can tread a fine line between detailed and picky.

Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign…

The Sun in Virgo helps us adapt to the season’s work, assisting us in harmonizing with the projects we have nurtured this year, and the changes these projects undergo. Virgo gets us to see the little details that require our attention at this point in the year. We lean in to get truly focused on the minutiae of our life. We adjust the finer points as our work comes to a moment of fruition.

However, this is unlike the shift we make from Winter to Summer. There, we know life is in many ways going to get easier, lighter, and more abundant. The shift from Summer to Winter points to a process where things get harder, heavier, and there is lack. So, in the midst of the joy and heat, we must begin to think forward and prepare for harsher times.

Another way this shift is different is in Winter, we may have shut down a bit, or reduced the demand to produce “results for the crowd”. In Leo season, we have taken on more work or maturity, or we are feeling more strain from the responsibility of leadership roles. In Virgo, the cracks might be starting to show from that pressure. We need a moment to ourselves, to assess the damage and do some repairs. That requires us to be honest with ourselves about our weak spots, which we all have.

This is, in technical terms, a major buzzkill. I think it’s where Virgo gets some of its bad rap for being uptight, prudish, or fault-finding. It doesn’t seem like it at first glance, but Virgo is fighting to keep us alive at a time when we don’t think we’re in danger.

Here’s some practical advise for Sun in Virgo:

    •    start to pack away summer clothes and equipment, and pull out transition/Autumn clothing.
    •    move plants and furniture around in your house to adjust to the changing degrees of sunlight.
    •    do the inevitable deep cleaning that comes when you move stuff around in your house.
    •    come back to your daily beginning/ending/check in routines that may have fallen off in your Summer life.

The end of Lughnasadh Season is asking us to examine, in whatever ways make sense for our particular situation, “resources,” “the details,” “self-care,” and “labor.” Where do we need to adapt, change, or let go in our procedures in these areas?

Make sure to look at your natal chart and consider what house or houses Virgo covers. This could be where in your life this stuff plays out. Folks with lots of Mutable sign placements (Gemini, Virgo, Sag, or Pisces) may feel this stuff strongly.

Ultimately, when we are working from a place of integrity and seeking healthiness for ALL people, programs that include ALL people, strategies that address the needs of ALL people, we step into the deep essence of Virgo and the end of Lughnasadh Season.

When the Sun enters Virgo, I recommend working with Tarot like The Hermit, The Magician, and the Ace of Pentacles. These cards can help us settle into where we require more discernment in our projects, and where we may celebrate and demonstrate our unselfish energies, and just trust in our capacity to organize our Will into the fruition of our projects and all The Work the Universe can offer us this time around the Wheel.

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