Sun Enters Pisces Imbolc Season 2023

Sun enters Pisces Feb 18th, element water, modality mutable, tarot the moon

02.18.2023 2:34 PM PST

With the Sun entering Pisces, we arrive at the last four weeks of Winter. While the Sun drifted through Aquarius, we turned to our most calcified and frozen parts of ourselves, and we began to melt them with Winter’s frost. We demonstrated our capacity to re-imagine ourselves and break through old forms, spilling past the edges of past experiences.

In Pisces, we embrace the Cosmic Sea of existence. From the infinite potentials we have imagined, we begin the shape changing called for as Winter comes to a close. In Pisces, we cross over from Imbolc to Ostara. Within the cold and the dark, we must think forward and prepare for The Rebirth of Spring.

Empathy and Healing become a central focus when the Sun enters Pisces.

After the the crisp intellectual clarity of Aquarius begins to fractal a bit, we are left adrift in the Sea of Dreams and Fantasies. We may look a little confused as we vacillate from one vague future trip to the next. Clouding the situation, Pisces Season can tread a fine line between illusion and reality.

Pisces is a Mutable Water sign. It helps us feel out the season’s work like our toes at the bottom of the pool, feeling for the drop off. It assists us in nurturing the potential forms of Self we have dreamed up during the first half of Imbolc. Pisces gets us to see the vast possibilities that could exist in the coming Solar year. We bliss out on idyllic fantasies to truly open up to the myriad of seeds we have to choose from.

During Winter, we may have shut down a bit, or reduced our connectivity to our social scenes and extraneous projects.

In Aquarius season, we have taken in more information about community needs. We may be feeling more pressure from the responsibility of building the future we’ve been dreaming about. When the Sun enters Pisces, the cracks might be starting to show from that strain. We need a moment to ourselves, to assess the damage after our personal storms and do some repairs. That requires us to be honest with ourselves about our weak spots, and where we need healing.

This is where Pisces can help and hinder. Pisces energy is ecstatic, utopic, and focused on healing the Soul of the World. But to get to a place of understanding its wounds and its deepest hope for the future, Pisces travels through the abyss. Victimhood, martyrdom, and shame can rise up like ghosts while recounting the many slings and arrows endured in this lifetime. It doesn’t seem like it at first glance, but Pisces is urging us to allow the old, wounded, parts of ourselves to die off and float away at a time when we may think we need to hold them closest.

Here’s some practical Witchcraft for when the Sun enters Pisces:

  • start to pack away winter clothes and equipment, and pull out transition/Spring clothing.
  • move plants and furniture around in your house to adjust to the changing degrees of sunlight.
  • start the deep cleaning that comes when you move stuff around in your house and in preparation for Spring.
  • come back to your daily beginning/ending/check in routines that may have fallen off in your Winter life.
  • listen to your body for possible transformations in your metabolism like changing food preferences, and giving yourself a little extra time at night and in the morning to adjust for changing sleep patterns
  • make art – watercolors, pastels, sculpting, body movement of any kind, and music – this is a profoundly effective way to allow the wordless portions of this experience to tell their story, you could also create a Pisces season collage or mood board.
  • keep a dream journal
  • throw pennies in wells, wish on stars, and engage in other “moonstruck” gestures of hope
  • listen to my weekly podcast Spinning The Wheel for an ongoing guide through astrology and symbolism of The Sabbats.

The end of Imbolc Season is asking us to examine, in whatever ways make sense for our particular situation, “dreams,” “the possibilities,” “empathy,” and “healing.” Where do we need to adapt, change, or let go of stuff in these areas?

Make sure to look at your natal chart and consider what house or houses Pisces covers. This could be where in your life this stuff plays out. Folks with lots of Mutable sign placements (Gemini, Virgo, Sag, or Pisces) may feel this stuff strongly.

Ultimately, when we are working from a place of integrity and seeking truly better futures for ALL people, peace that includes ALL people, healing that address the needs of ALL people, we step into the deep essence of Pisces and the end of Imbolc Season.

Working with Tarot like The Moon, The Hanged One, and the Ace of Cups can help us settle into where we require more connectivity in our projects, and where we may celebrate and demonstrate our unselfish energies, and just trust in our capacity to be receptive to all the transcendence and compassion the Universe can offer us this time around the Wheel.

(Folks who are subbed to my Patreon have access to the full write up of my musings on planetary transits during Pisces Season. Patrons also have monthly access to free lectures and workshops. Folks at the Venus level and higher will have access to the recordings.)

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