Sun Enters Aries Ostara Season 2023

03.20.2023 2:24 PM PST

With the Sun entering Aries, we are delivered out of Winter and into the Light of Spring. While the Sun floated through Pisces, we embraced the Cosmic Sea of existence. From the infinite potentials we dreamt up, we now choose which of these dreams we want to plant like seeds. In Aries, we cross over from Imbolc to Ostara. We have made it through the coldest and darkest months. Even if it is still cold where we are, it is undeniable that The Rebirth of Spring has arrived.

Initiation and Innocence become a central focus when the Sun enters Aries.

After floating in the Sea of Dreams and Fantasies during Pisces Season, we may look a little frantic as we impulsively start up one project after another. Inflamed with bright ideas, Aries Season can tread a fine line between eagerness and over zealousness.

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign. It helps us stoke the fires of creativity and innovation so needed at the gate of Spring. It assists us in asserting the potential forms of Self we have dreamed up during Imbolc. Aries inspires us to step into the possibilities that exist in the coming Solar year. We ride higher and higher with the rising Sun, feeling the energy and force of our passions.By the end of Winter, we may have really begun to drift in a timeless grey Sea.

In Pisces season, we may feel like we’re in a lucid dream. Not entirely awake, not entirely asleep.

We may have drifted far from the shores of the collective reality. When the Sun enters Aries, the distance between us and reality may come into stark focus. We need to come back to our root concept of self, our fundamental ideas about life, and our basic practices that ground us.

This is where Aries can help and hinder. Aries energy is driven, exuberant, and focused on developing Self Awareness. But to get to a place of confidently embodying the Vision of the new cycle, Aries travels through the ego. Impatience, arrogance, and selfishness can flame up like enemy combatants while finding the courage to insist the Will into being. It doesn’t seem like it at first glance, but the only “enemies” on this “field of battle” come directly from our own insecurities and lack of personal conviction.

Here’s some practical Witchcraft for when the Sun enters Aries:

The Sun entering Aries coincides with Spring Equinox and Ostara (check out my Ostara class here.)
• plant seeds and foster the baby plants.
• clean and reset your altars.
• incorporate pictures of yourself as a kid, or at the ‘beginning of your life.’ Reflect on what comes up for you.
• come back to the first magickal practices you learned. Reflect on what comes up for you.
• listen to your body for possible transformations in your metabolism like changing food preferences, and giving yourself a little extra time at night and in the morning to adjust for changing sleep patterns
• learn something new – anything – especially if it feels challenging or destabilizing to your concept of Self
• write out your bravest list of goals for the year
• challenge yourself to take on something that requires your courage
• listen to my weekly podcast Spinning The Wheel for an ongoing guide through astrology, holy days, and symbolism of The Sabbats.

FInally, make sure to look at your natal chart and consider what house or houses Aries covers. This could be where in your life this stuff plays out. Folks with lots of Cardinal sign placements (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) may feel this stuff strongly.

The beginning of Ostara Season is asking us to examine, in whatever ways make sense for our particular situation, “goals,” “the possibilities,” “courage,” and “innocence.” Where do we need to begin, initiate, or get passionate in these areas?

Ultimately, when we are working from a place of integrity and seeking truly better futures for ALL people, opportunities that include ALL people, courage that addresses the needs of ALL people, we step into the deep essence of Aries and the beginning of Ostara Season.

Working with Tarot like The Emperor, The Tower, and the Ace of Wands can help us settle into where we require more confidence in our projects, and where we may celebrate and demonstrate our boldest energies, and just trust in our capacity to be capable of handling all the Universe can offer us this time around the Wheel.

Class on The Emperor
Tarot for Spring
The Tower Card writings
2, 3, 4 of Wands Writings

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