Lughnasadh Season 2023 Waxing Moon in Scorpio Lunar Week 17

Witches! Just a shorty this week to cover our astrology as we will be discussing the holy days and other magicks of this week and season in the upcoming Lughnasadh class July 26 2023 6pm pst. We are still dancing (fighting? both?) with the Pluto/Nodal square and tensions may be running high. Remember, after the … Read more

Imbolc Season Waning Moon in Scorpio Lunar Week 52?…

Drifting in the Cosmic Sea can be delightful, and it can be delirious. This Waning Moon in Scorpio encourages us to plumb the depths of our Soul this week, and take a swim in the Cosmic Sea of Spirit. Fantasy and reality rub up against each other and that can feel like friction, but we … Read more