Tarot Circle – Justice – Tipping the Balance to Please Everyone, Promise

Tarot Circle Justice Card September 24 2020 5pm pst. #Justice #Tarot #Libra #WheelOfTheYear #Mabon #FallEquinox #AutumnalEquinox #ElusinianMysteries #SecondHarvest #WitchsThanksgiving

What Does The Justice Card Represent?

September’s Tarot Circle is focused on Justice. In The Justice card, we see the archetypes of Truth and Beauty come together. The Justice card is related to the sign Libra and wants harmony above everything else.
Harmony, or else.
Compromise, but at what cost?
How do we choose what is Fair or what is Right?
How do we choose between The Laws of Nature and The Laws of Humanity?
What is Justice?
What is truly just?
As we head into Mabon and The Dark Half of The Wheel, we need to get right with our karmic debts. We have to see what we are truly weighing on the scales.

What is Tarot Circle?

Tarot Circle is a monthly workshop series for folks at all levels of learning who want to explore and experiment with Tarot in a group setting. From group discussion and exploration of fundamental concepts to creativity exercises aimed at developing divergent thinking and a personalized relationship with the symbolism of Tarot. And there will hopefully be a lot of laughter. We will discuss the symbolism of the featured card, considering astrology, current world events, mythology, and other archetypal groups. Sometimes I share an original spread, or I guide you through a visualization. Sometimes I just give you a pure information download lecture, stopping only to answer questions. My hope with each class is to provide you with several ways to develop a personal vocabulary with the cards.
Click here for more info and a look a this year’s classes.

Entry to The Justice Class:

All folks who are subscribed to my Patreon attend for free! Subscriptions start at $1, and you can end your Patronage as soon as class is over (altho, with all the cool stuff you get, you prob won’t want to!) Folks at the Venus level – $9 – and up will get a link to the recording.

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