Tarot For Election Season with Aquarian Spirals

I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Amanda Moreno on her Aquarian Spirals podcast, and we got into it!!

We talk about the political landscape in America, the election, and most importantly, how do we go forward after the election, with all that has happened in 2020.

Listen here!

Episode 35: Aries Eclipse + Guided Visualization The Aquarian Spirals Podcast

In this episode, Amanda talks about the upcoming eclipses and how to prepare for them. This episode ends with Amanda's thoughts on protection and a short guided visualization to help you ground and prepare for the eclipses. The guided visualization starts around the 40 minute mark. To support Amanda's work (and get amazing incentives if you want them) visit patreon.com/aquarianspirals To book a session visit aquarianspirals.com — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/aquarianspirals/support
  1. Episode 35: Aries Eclipse + Guided Visualization
  2. Episode 34: Pluto in Aquarius
  3. Episode 33: All Things March!
  4. Episode 32: A Pisces New Moon + Dream Tending Primer
  5. Episode 31: A Personal Take on the Current Cosmic Weather

Tarot For Election Season with Meagan Angus on the Aquarian Spirals Podcast

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