Tarot For Election Season with Aquarian Spirals

I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Amanda Moreno on her Aquarian Spirals podcast, and we got into it!!

We talk about the political landscape in America, the election, and most importantly, how do we go forward after the election, with all that has happened in 2020.

Listen here!

Episode 40: Eclipse Prep The Aquarian Spirals Podcast

This episode is a partial recording of a recent live call Amanda hosted to go over the basics of the new moon eclipse in Libra on October 14. We cover basic themes of this eclipse, dos and donts for eclipse windows and more. And yes, the intro and outro are echo-y because your dear host had to hide in a bathroom to escape leaf blower noise. To check out Amanda's offerings or book a session visit aquarianspirals.com. To support the work go to patreon.com/aquarianspirals — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/aquarianspirals/support
  1. Episode 40: Eclipse Prep
  2. Episode 39: Back to Basics with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo
  3. Episode 38: A Leo New Moon
  4. Episode 37: The Lunar Nodes in Aries + Libra
  5. Episode 36: July Astro + Venus Ret Visualization

Tarot For Election Season with Meagan Angus on the Aquarian Spirals Podcast

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