Tarot For Election Season with Aquarian Spirals

I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Amanda Moreno on her Aquarian Spirals podcast, and we got into it!!

We talk about the political landscape in America, the election, and most importantly, how do we go forward after the election, with all that has happened in 2020.

Listen here!

Episode 44: April Astro + Tarot The Aquarian Spirals Podcast

In this ep, we touch on the significant astrology of April along with how to work with it. Amanda closes with a tarot reading to look at overall themes and best courses of action. Like what you hear? Support the work and get rad incentives at patreon.com/aquarianspirals or share and/or review it. Wanna book a session? Great! Amanda loves working with folks. Start off with an initial consult to go over your astrology chart, or check out other offerings and classes at aquarianspirals.com — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/aquarianspirals/support
  1. Episode 44: April Astro + Tarot
  2. Episode 43: Libra + Aries Eclipsing
  3. Episode 42: A Late Look at the Astro of 2024
  4. Episode 41: Re-Intro through Pisces + Grief
  5. Episode 40: Eclipse Prep

Tarot For Election Season with Meagan Angus on the Aquarian Spirals Podcast

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