Tarot Circle – The Death Card – Tarot for Samhain Season

What Does The Death Card Represent?

We finish October and prepare for Samhain Season through working with the Death Card from Tarot. No matter who you are, where you come from, or how you were raised, Death is Universal.

At this point in The Wheel of the Year, we are seeing the Earth die off, it’s last thrust of vegetation spent. The Death card represents a profound moment or process of transition that we cannot refuse or come back from.

This two hour workshop will explore methods of getting closer to this archetype as well as ways to work with archetype in the coming season.

Tarot Circle is held in private Zoom meetings to create a container for those who are working with me.
Folks who are subscribed to my Patreon at any level, folks who are year-long Wheel students, and folks in the Tarot Mentorship Program attend for free.
All students and folks at the Venus level – $9 – and up will get a link to the recording.

What is Tarot Circle?

Tarot Circle is a monthly workshop series for folks at all levels of learning who want to explore and experiment with Tarot in a group setting. We will discuss the symbolism of the featured card, consider astrology, current world events, mythology, and other archetypal groups.

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