Virtual Pagan Pride 2020

So much cool stuff is happening online this week it’s… magickal!

Starting around 1992 and officially canonized by 1998, Pagan Pride is a relatively modern festival celebrated annually around the world. Ranging in size from backyard cookout to city-wide festival, Pagan Pride centers education, community work, and celebration of identity.

Here in the Puget Sound area, we have our Puget Sound Pagan Pride! And this year, like everyone else, they are holding their event on line. This weekend, Sept 12 & 13, there will be lectures, presentations, story hours, and crafting workshops with Witches and Pagans from all over the country, including Selena Fox, Phyllis Curott, and M. Macha Nightmare. Subjects like Dreamwork, Alchemy, Tarot, Tending Altars, Activism in Practice, and tons more. All offerings are free! And they will be recorded, so you can watch them later.

Across the country, the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair is also taking place this weekend. More centered around collections of rare books and ephemera, as well as esotericism in culture, there is still an overwhelming emphasis on magick and the occult, and it’s happening this weekend, and that kind of synchronicity is obviously witchcraft induced.

The BABF will be offering lectures all weekend long, also for free but you need to register for them. BABF is also recording their lectures and will be posting them to youtube all weekend long if you miss it or are reading this after the fact. Topics include occult collections in museums and libraries around the world, the crossroads of magick and art, and symbolism used in Twin Peaks and more! You can also shop hundreds of vendors through their virtual book fair portal, if you are still looking for that copy of the Malleus Maleficarum from 1478 bound in goatskin of just some weird pamphlets about aliens in Mexico from the 1950’s.

Finally, Mitch Horowitz, the punk rock wizard of NYC, will be offering his lecture Hermes Resurrected: Hermetic Wisdom as a Path for Modern Seekers on September 17th. The title says it all! This lecture does cost $15 bones to attend, and mind the times are Eastern. You can get tickets at the link.

But! If that’s not enough for you, a quick internet search for “Pagan Pride 2020” brings up events all over the country featuring lectures, performances, workshops, and presentations with Pagans, Witches, and Magickians from all over the world. In this time of Mabon Season, with its traditional emphasis on communal celebration, but with all that is going on in the world keeping us apart, these virtual celebrations of our community is a beautiful insistence of our connectivity, our collective spirit, and our collective wisdom.

Blessed Be, Witches!

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