Mabon Sky Guide: Wheel of the Year 2020

Mabon Sky guide, Wheel of the Year, with Meagan Angus

Hello Pagans and Witches! Here is your Mabon Season Sky Guide!

All throughout the Fall Season we have the Taurids meteor showers in the background, long with the Orionids and the Draconids. These are the perfect compliment to all the lamp-lighting holidays we observe around the world at this time of year. Folks wanting to take advantage of shooting star magic should check out the book Earth, Air, Fire, Water by Scott Cunningham for an excellent chapter on Star and Meteor magic. Feel free to share this Mabon Sky Guide!

Our Moon cycles run far into each season on this turn of The Wheel, so we saw just before Mabon the last New Moon of Summer on Sept 17. And the First Full Moon of Fall didn’t come until Oct. 1st.

Interestingly, we call the Full Moon closest to Fall Equinox the Harvest Moon, however. When this is in October, as we saw this year, we call it the Blood Harvest Moon!

Witchcraft, people. It’s messy business.

We have our first New Moon of Fall on October 16th.

This is in Libra, a communicative Air sign known for harmony, beauty, and community. This is a great Moon cycle to reset and karma or debts you might have with folks. Forgiveness is a funny thing, because you have to mean it for it to work. If you owe it to someone to speak the truth – whether that’s to yourself or someone else – now is the time. Do you need to say something you’ve been avoiding? Are you waiting for another person to make something right with you? Now is the time to address it and finish that off, as much as is possible. Conversely, if there’s anything you can forgive and let go of with other people, now is the time to let that shit go.

This has been an exceptionally hard year for nearly every person on the planet, including you. Can you forgive yourself? Can you be more generous in your consideration of others that are in similar circumstances? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and there are some groups that count on you not seeing what they’re doing. We must stop being distracted by petty bullshit. Start paying attention to the real problems your community faces. Forgive yourself of your shortcomings and do better. Lovingly hold your people to doing better. Listen to disenfranchised and at-risk folks, because they have a far greater understanding of what is truly just in this world, and what is not. As the old saying goes, “There ain’t no justice – just US.”

Happy Mabon Season. May your Harvest bring you all the action, karma, and results you deserve.

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