Spinning The Wheel: Lughnasadh Season Waning Moon in Taurus Lunar Week 28

Wow! We have SO MANY harvest festivals this week! But also holy days dedicated to The Ancestors who live underground pushing up what we harvest, the Water deities that support our Harvest, and the Wisdom Keepers that help us protect the harvest. Odin and Virgo are front and center in the deepest symbology of Lughnasadh, … Read more

Spinning The Wheel: Lughnasadh Season Full Moon in Aquarius Lunar Week 27

This week is a doozy, but holy days like Nemoralia, The Bon Festival, and the Feast of the Holy Sophia keep us grounded in the work of Lughnasadh, come Hell and high water. Let us celebrate the thresholds of Life and Death.

Spinning the Wheel: Lughnasadh Season Waxing Moon in Scorpio Lunar Week 26

This week our Lughnasadh season Waxing Moon in Scorpio asks us to consider the Shadow Work that comes up when we embrace Power. Can we handle being so close to The Sun? How do we handle the strain when our edges get a bit crispy? We can work with plant helper Hazelnut Tree, Tarot helper … Read more

Sun Enters Leo

SUN ENTERS LEO 07.22.2022 1:06 PM PST  As the Sun enters Leo, we settle into the heart of Summer. While the Sun floated through Cancer, we brought our focus back to home and family. We claimed the visions we had in Spring, committing our energy to manifesting them. In Leo, we embrace the responsibility of … Read more

Spinning The Wheel: Litha Season Waning Moon in Aries Lunar Week 24

OK Heathens! A week of ablutions to Water deities in hopes they can see us through the dry times. Lughnasadh Season is almost here, are you ready to seize the reigns? (Pun intended…) As always, thank you to my Patrons for supporting this work. You can get the Six Week Guide to Lughnasadh when you … Read more