Litha Class: A Six Week Guide to Midsummer

Tuesday, June 21st 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Ayyooo my Heathens, du to some technical shenanigans our Litha 2022 Livestream, has turned into a zoom meeting this coming Tuesday, June 21st 6pm PST / 9pm EST. This class is free to all beings thanks to the big-hearted support of my Patrons!! You’ll find a link to join this class below.

In this 2 hour Litha Class we will look at the history of Litha, Litha customs and traditions, how to celebrate Litha, Litha rituals past and present, Litha deities, and Witchcraft for Summer!

The 2022 Wheel of the Year Cycle rolls along with Litha, also known as Midsummer, and Night of the Chalice in some traditions. For Pagans in the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the longest days and shortest nights of the year. For Pagans in the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite is true. This Quarter Day is a Fire Festival that is only observed by some groups, and ushers in the deep heart of Summer.

Nurturing, magnanimous, and hard-working, the spirit of Litha turns away from the playful curiosity of Spring, Ostara, and Beltane and towards the matured determination required in the next portion of the Wheel. Some cultures overtly observed this festival and some didn’t, making this more of a personal moment to reflect on your process through the Wheel.

The meaning of Litha Season asks us to “step into our power.” What does that mean? Well, we get a whole season to find out!

And the work isn’t done after one night! We’ll take a look at what we can expect for the coming 6-8 weeks of this season, learn how you can observe this time of power and maturation for yourself or with your community, and get ready to Do The Work.

Grab a friend, a journal and some art supplies, maybe make a pot of tea and a snack, and settle in. I also encourage folks to create sacred space for themselves by lighting a candle and/or some incense. You might also want to work with magical tools like Tarot and your natal chart.

Join us as we explore the meaning of Litha Season.

Patrons at the Venus level and up ($9) get the Litha class workbook, calendar, digital spells, and guidance throughout the season +. You can join my Patreon here.

I will also be teaching this class live at LithaCascadia Pagan Music Festival in Washington on Sunday the 19th!! Get tickets here.

To learn more about the Quarter Sabbat Litha, head here.

See you in class Witch!

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