Next Livestream Class – The Empress

Tarot Circle 2020 – The Empress – Tarot For Beltane Season

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This is an incredibly potent archetype to work with here in the green heart of Spring. For Pagans, Witches, Heathens, and anyone working with Springtime and Taurus Season altars,
meditating on the symbolism of this card can be a pathway for developing a relationship energies we relate to this season of surging growth.
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Amanda Moreno
Amy Hixon
Becky West
Bill Abelson
Casey Ellison
Cyndi Kershner
Duffy Kingsolver
Dustin Curtis
eva marie-dones piccininni
Fera Lamos
Jenn Fru
Jessica Henry
Joy Von Spain
Kook Teflon & Aaron Campbell
Laura Campagna
Lora L Mcleran
Marty Angus
Patty Gallagher
Rachel L
Vanessa Maria Skantze
& Zel, And my Students Danny Chan, Anna C., Tessa, and Silver R., and all the luscious people who donate! When donating please note Empress Tarot Class! #SeeYouInClassWitch

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