Tarot Circle – The High Priestess – 40 Sure Fire Tips For Pulling Back the Veil

At the beginning of Summer, we explore the power, holiness, and capacity of the Oceanic High Priestess. Charged with protecting the border between here and there, this figure guides us through an initiatory experience of awakening to our own Power and Depth.

Tarot Circle is a monthly virtual workshop series for folks at all levels of learning who want to explore and experiment with Tarot in a group setting. From discussion and exploration of fundamental concepts to creativity exercises aimed at developing divergent thinking and a personalized relationship with the symbolism of Tarot. And there will hopefully be a lot of laughter.


You must be a Patron to attend. All folks who are subscribed to my Patreon attend for free!
Subscriptions start at $1, and you can end your Patronage as soon as class is over (altho, with all the cool stuff you get, you probably won’t want to!)
Folks at the Venus level – $9 – and up will get a link to the recording with slides from our class, perfect for later study, or if you can’t attend in person.

~or~ Start a one-on-one tarot mentorship with me! All my Tarot students attend Wheel of the Year and Tarot Circle for free.

For more information about the Tarot Circle series, go here.

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