Beltane Season Waning Half Moon in Pisces Lunar Week 11

This week contains our last Waning Half Moon and last Balsamic Moon of Gemini, Beltane, and Spring. This week is encouraging review and consolidation of all we have experienced in this portion of our cycle around The Wheel. What needs to be embraced and carried forward? What needs to be modified or adjusted? What needs … Read more

Beltane Season 2023 Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius Lunar Week 10

WE ARE GOING HARD THIS WEEK WITCHES! Soooo many Gemini and Sag oriented festivals this week. We are stepping into the rushing stream of energy that will carry us into Summer. Deities like Artemis, Bendis, Ochosi, Dano, and Jarlio oversee and guide our work, just to name a few. Our astrology is asking us to … Read more

Beltane Season 2023 Waxing Moon in Virgo Lunar Week 9

Adjustment is the name of the game this week. Don’t get lost in the sauce, ask for help and guidance from Holy archetypes like Mary Mediatrix, Vesta, and St. Joan D’Arc, or clear thinking from the Goddess Mens. We step over another threshold into the last weeks of Beltane and Spring. Reach up and call … Read more

Beltane Season 2023 Black New Moon in Taurus Lunar Week 8

Are you ready to FECUND? Because it’s Time. To. Plant!! Goddesses like Carna, St Sara la Kali, and Athena oversee our process this week. It’s time to burst out of our shells and begin establishing ourselves on the physical plane. Tarot: Lovers Witch Work: Brewing, Flirting, Divination Plant Helpers: Beans, Vines

Beltane Season 2023 Full Blood Flower Moon Lunar Week 6

Are you still reeling from the effects of that Scorpio eclipse? You’re not alone. This week we get into the festivals that honor death in the midst of returning life, as well as the forces that over see the triumph of order over chaos, for better and worse. Tarot: 6 of Pentacles Witch’s Work: None