Samhain Season Cold Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Week 43

This Gemini Full Moon brings a spotlight to the accumulation of our deeds in 2022. What didn’t work? What did? And either way, what can you let go of? Sacred entities like Shalako Maiden Kachina, Athena, St. Lucia are here to offer their pathways of enlightenment and wisdom if only we would be brave enough to walk them. It is time to walk the talk! This week is also a magickally potent time to ask for messages, guidance, and wisdom from our Holy Guides, Ancestors, Deities, Elders, and Mentors.

Support these groups!

TransSanta – delivering gifts and needed items to Trans Youth safely and anonymously

Food Not Bombs – Feeding our under served Communities, local and international

The Iranian Diaspora Collective – a GoFundMe sending support to Iran

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