Witchcraft and Weed: A Powerful Kinship

Weed and Witchcraft: bringing cannabis into our cunning work

From your bong to your broomstick, the possibilities of using cannabis in your Witchcraft are limitless.

Folks have combined weed and Witchcraft in magical and spiritual rites for millennia. Hindu sadhus use marijuana as a prayer to Lord Shiva. Coptic Christians burned it on altars as a holy offering. Witches and warlocks, too, have had a long history with this helper, utilizing it for everything from medical remedies to summoning spirits. Cannabis and hemp were both staples in folk traditions. In his 1653 Complete Herbal, author Nicholas Culpeper wrote of the plant: “This is so well known to every good housewife in the country, that I shall not need to write any description of it.”

Some classic uses combining Witchcraft and weed: spells dedicated to healing, love, money drawing, visions, and meditation.

Lovestruck witches would wander out under the midsummer full moon to sprinkle hemp seeds while circling a church nine times in hopes of seeing their true love(s). Witches attempting to look into the future would burn incense made of cannabis, mugwort, coltsfoot, and angelica in front of a magic mirror, watching for signs in the reflection of the glass.

In his 1653 Complete Herbal, author Nicholas Culpeper wrote of the plant: “This is so well known to every good housewife in the country, that I shall not need to write any description of it.”

Perhaps the most infamous usage of cannabis in magic is its inclusion in the famed Witch’s Flying Ointment. In this, Witches blended cannabis with other mind-altering substances. Opium poppies, morning glories, datura, belladonna, and nightshade all might be found in this blend. Mixed with butter or lard, witches could smear the concoction on their broomsticks and “ride,” flying off in ecstatic, orgasmic bliss.

Modern witches can replicate this by blending cannabis with small amounts of other entheogens like ayahuasca, cyanescens (magic mushrooms), and of course opium poppies. For an entirely legal version, cunning folks can create a weed blend with blue lotus, wild asparagus root, and mugwort. Make a tincture or decoction from your herbal blend and mix it with coconut oil for a bewitching lube to help you open up and push into the Universe with lust and love.

On to some spell work!

The act of smoking weed can be Witchcraft itself!

Do you like to work with crystals? The next time you’re having a puff while studying sacred texts or reading tarot, try smoking a sativa that enhances concentration through a pipe made of lapis lazuli, a stone known for facilitating intellectual activity, augmenting learning, and improving memory. You can also keep crystals with your weed or prerolls.

Utilize fruit or vegetables with magical connotations as pipes. Apples for love spells, or cucumbers before attempting dream or astral work. Carrots, potatoes and other root veggies for grounding energy after a ritual.

For an abundance spell, mix a little ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg into fresh water. Or use thyme, basil, and mint. Carefully paint sigils, a wish, or words of power onto a hemp rolling paper and let it dry. Roll up a joint and smoke it to release the energy into the Universe. Alternately, make some edibles with these spice blends, like cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies. Don’t forget to press a magical symbol into the top of the cookie.

(For Witchy smoking blend recipies, head here.)

Last but not least, smoking from a bong or bubbler is a unique way for weed witches to commune with all the elements.

Earth is represented by cannabis. Fire is the fire to light your bowl. Air is your breath. Water is in the bottom of the bong. Make sure you charge your bong water, too, by focusing some good vibes at it.

All I wanna do is zoom a zoom zoom on my broom broom!
Illustration by Gnartoons, 2017

Portions of this originally published in Seattle Weekly.

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