May 2023 Tarot Circle – The Hierophant

The Hierophant: By The Gods’ Decree This month’s Tarot Circle will be a deep dive into The Hierophant card, a helpful archetype to work with as we move through Beltane and Taurus Season. This will be a lecture-style class, and hopefully I can wrangle myself to leave time at the end for Q&A. I’m aiming … Read more

Beltane 2023 – Witch’s Night

BELTANE – MAY DAY / WITCH’S NIGHT – Wheel of the Year Series 2023 Spellbound The 2023 Wheel of the Year Cycle continues with Beltane, also known as May Day or Walpurgisnacht in some traditions. For many Pagans, this marks the return of The Green Man – a lusty and puckish side of The God. … Read more

April 2023 Tarot Circle – Community Reading for Spring

This month’s Tarot Circle will be a collective reading to tap into the energy of Spring and Ostara Season. This will be a casual community building-style class. Please bring a deck as we will all be pulling cards and communally interpreting our cards together. Tarot Circle is free for all Patrons. Tarot Circle tickets are … Read more

Sun Enters Aries Ostara Season 2023

SUN ENTERS ARIES03.20.2023 2:24 PM PST With the Sun entering Aries, we are delivered out of Winter and into the Light of Spring. While the Sun floated through Pisces, we embraced the Cosmic Sea of existence. From the infinite potentials we dreamt up, we now choose which of these dreams we want to plant like … Read more

Ostara 2023 Class is now live!

Head to the Ostara page to watch this year’s class, old classes, and read up on various Holy Days and Tarot cards featured at this time of year.