Mabon Season 2023 Waning Moon in Cancer Lunar Week 27

Witches! We are smack-dab in the middle of this Sabbat-Season, and this week is more of the same – Harvest, Ancestors, Wisdom work.

We are passing through the holy days of the Eleusinian Mysteries, witnessing the transformation of Kore/Persephone from a Maiden of Flowers to The Queen of the Dead. And Her mother, Demeter, changing from Mother of Life, to Crone and Wisdom Keeper. Mourning ancestral losses, and unavoidable change or endings is all work to clear space for the upcoming eclipses.

As we make our way through Fall, are you witnessing the shape-changing you’re going through? Can you find richness in the Light and Dark parts of you?

TAROT: 5 of cups

WITCHWORK: cleaning graves, ancestral offerings, being still as we approach the New Moon

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